What To Look For When Buying A Bong Online

There are so many great options available these days when it comes to bongs and water pipes. How do you know which one is right for you? Smoking is a personal experience and should be customized to fit your needs and give you the best experience possible. What you are looking for will depend on your experience level, the outcome you are looking to achieve, and the setting in which you are using your new bong. There are several factors to consider here, including the material it is made from, the size, shape, and design.One choice to make when buying a new bong is what type of material you would like to smoke from. Each material affects the smoke differently. 
For example:Glass is often favored because it has a clean, pure taste and does not flavor the smoke. Resin build-up is easy to see in a glass bong and easy to clean. While glass bongs and water pipes may be slightly more expensive, they are usually a better option.
Plastic bongs are common and often opted for because of durability and the smoker’s concern about dropping them. The biggest concern with plastic is that it will distort the flavor of the smoke.
Metal bongs are often cheap, but always distort the taste of the smoke. Metal bongs also make it impossible to know when it is time to clean them, and cleaning them is very difficult. 
Something else to consider when purchasing a bong is definitely the size. A smaller bong is likely to be more compact and discreet, making it more portable and easier to travel with. Smaller bongs are also easier to handle and less likely to be tipped over. A larger bong has more room for percolation and more room for special contraptions and accessories such as ice catches and bowl attachments, which enhance the smoking experience.
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