Smoking Accessories - All You Need And More

With all the right smoking necessities, you won't have to worry about wasting your time on the basics. Instead, you'll have useful tools to not only make your life simpler but more enjoyable.
Bong? Check. Dab rig? Check. Smoking accessories?
So no need for the anxiety, we've already taken the time to put together the ultimate weed necessities to look for when buying from an online smoke shop.Below are some helpful and useful smoking tools you should consider for your collection.
Here are the must have smoking accessories:
smoke accessories
Having a rolling tray is a must have for making sure all those fallen buds of yours are always caught and saved for later. Whether you're rolling a joint or a blunt, it can get real messy real fast. Say goodbye to having those weed crumbs all over your lap. 
Raw Clipper Lighter
Ever show up to a smoke sesh, everyone's ready to spark, then all of a sudden, someone goes do you have a lighter? The room quickly fills with awkwardness as no one has a light.
So we've researched and reduced it down to the top three vital products that will add value to both you and your supplies.
smoking tools
This crusher comes with a catcher and has blades or teeth, that are strategically placed inside to ensure the absolute best grind without ever tearing your buds. It also comes with an extra smooth motion to make grinding a seamless experience.
smoking essentials
Bong Cleaning Kit
This bong cleaning kit is listed as a smoking essential because, what good is a glass piece if it's filled with all that gunk and tar? Not only is it unappealing for you and your smoke buddies, but it's also harmful to inhale these contaminants!