How Cannabis Smoke Travels Through a Glass Water Pipe

A bong can be an intimidating smoking device if you've never used one before. The best way for you to learn is to understand how the process works from start to finish.
This entails everything from lighting your dry flowers from your bong bowl to how that smoke travels through the bong and into your lungs. Understanding how your water bong functions is crucial. Let's break it down!
The Bong Bowl - Where the Journey Begins in Your Water Pipe,Every bongs journey starts with the bong bowl piece. Dry cannabis flowers are packed inside the bong bowl where it will then be lit. 
You must refrain from lighting the cannabis for an extended amount of time to avoid overheating or burning your cannabis. Light the bong bowl piece just enough to where the flowers are able to burn on their own and light itself. The other nugs packed in the bowl will begin to light as long as you are pulling from the mouthpiece.
You can hit the bowl with the lighter a few times if needed but never leave the flame on top of the buds for the entire time you are pulling (this will cause your cannabis to burn completely).