Glass Bongs or Acrylic Bongs?

  This is the most asked question when making a purchase. There are pros and cons to both the type of bongs.

  Acrylic Bongs are made from plastic which makes them less environmentally friendly and light on the pockets. It is also porous which means it stains easily.

  There is always some residue which is left behind in acrylic bongs making them not so great over a long period of time. They are also difficult to clean & retain the smell.

  If you're a novice smoker, trying out bongs, we recommend you to start with these as they are not that big of an investment. If you're a clumsy smoker, we recommend you buy Acrylic Bongs.

  On the other hand, Glass Bongs provide a cleaner, better, and true smoking experience. They might be an investment but work for quite a long time unless you knock them off.

  Glass Bongs are also easy to clean and can be made as good as new with any Bong cleaner. They are a more permanent purchase so make sure you take your time to decide for them.