Finding the Right Storage Solution for You

Are you guilty bong of keeping your weed in a plastic sandwich big? While plastic bags can keep weed good for a few days, it is not a great storage solution. 
Proper storage will allow you to keep your weed stored for much longer— up to two years! 
Marijuana should not be kept in high temperatures, anything above 75° Fahrenheit will cause it to mold and mildew. 
In fact, it's best to keep your herb at or below 68° for it to retain its full potency. On the other end of the spectrum, marijuana can be stored at as low as 33° before you start experiencing problems.
 One pro tip if you want to squeeze your weed out for all its worth is to store your weed on the lowest floor of your house. 
Do not set your weed on a windowsill, under a lamp, or anywhere else it's exposed to light. Instead, opt for the inside of a drawer or a dark place in your closet. 
Humidity is tricky, too much and you'll have moldy gross weed, too little and you will cause the degradation of your weed’s terpenes. The ideal humidity range is between 55 and 63 percent; the easiest way to achieve this is through products like humidity packets that can automatically infuse the correct amount of moisture. 
Air Control 
By air control, we really mean oxygen control, oxygen is not great for any type of storage, including marijuana. To do this, opt for airtight storage containers like glass mason jars. Additionally, try not to leave too much headspace, if you only store small amounts of herb at a time don't buy a giant jar. 
It can be put in a plastic bag 
Storing weed in a plastic bag is the most popular option nowadays, and while this might be convenient, you don't realize how bad this is for your weed until you switch to a better storage option. Plastic bags rid your herb of trichomes and ultimately its potency and taste…just don't do it. 
You Can Use a Tobacco Humidor 
Using a tobacco humidor is a no-go, they are made from cedarwood and will completely ruin the taste of your weed. Instead, buy humidors that are specifically made for cannabis and are made from mahogany rather than cedarwood. 
Aside from mason jars, plenty of companies are now creating storage containers with marijuana in mind. These containers are also more stylish than a glass mason jar,  Many of these containers even have odor-blocking technology. 
If you or someone you live with dislikes the smell of weed this can be a great option since it will prevent any odors from leaking out its container.