Essentials For A Cannabis Picnic

Cannabis picnic with water bong,There’s nothing like heading out into nature with a joint in hand and a bunch of friends by your side. Try something different this time and organize a cannabis picnic complete with your favorite dishes and strains
Pick the perfect cannabis strain
Whether you decide to consume cannabis edibles or opt for your go-to dry herb, pick a fun and uplifting daytime strain or you may find everyone slowly melting into the blanket.
If you plan on playing music at your picnic, Green Crack and Sour will have you energized and rocking to the beats. For an uplifting and euphoric feel that will help fight fatigue, Durban Poison is considered the espresso of cannabis and will keep everyone wide eyed and energized.
The location you choose could make or break the entire experience. Local rules, common courtesy, and some knowledge of the kind of people who frequent the area goes a long way. Steer clear of anywhere with playgrounds or children and understand that not everyone is fine with cannabis smoking.
Pack the best smoking products Don’t fret if your cannabis picnic lasts into the night. With the Glow in the Dark Silicone Dino Egg Mini Bong.
you’ll be able to find your bong at all times and keep taking bong rips in the dark!
Protected by a silicone skin and measuring just five inches tall, this mini bong is easy to bring along on every adventure and is perfect for passing around the picnic table.