Do you really know water pipes

Water pipes were created centuries ago, and they were designed to deliver a lighter, more enjoyable smoking experience by forcing smoke to pass through water before it's inhaled. Chilled water, ice or a frozen glycerin coil can be used to produce even cooler, smoother smoke. Dry pipes, unlike water pipes, do not use filtration or water for your smoke. Typically constructed with thick glass or silicone, water pipes are available in a variety of sizes and form factors - including bongs, bubblers and dab rigs. Dry materials are generally used in bongs and bubblers, whereas oils and concentrates are smoked with dab rigs.   The most popular water pipes tend to be glass bongs as they come in the widest variety of sizes and styles. Many of our water pipes come complete with percolators and recyclers, but you can get these as add ons (in the form of an ash catcher, adapter, perc or anything else) on any piece.