5 Reasons Why You Should Buy A High-Quality Bong

We’ll show you the main benefits, so you can see why a high-quality bong is the best investment you can make.
1. Can seamlessly fit in with your aesthetic
Whereas joints and cheap bongs are impersonal by design, high-quality bongs are made with specific designs for specific people.
A good bong isn’t just a smoking accessory, it’s artwork that can double as decor and seamlessly fit within your aesthetic. 
You can find bongs with beautiful artwork, made from multiple styles and in multiple colors.
2. High-quality builds
Silicone bongs or acrylic bongs are good for the price, but the experience can’t ever compare to the purity of glass bongs.
High-quality bongs are made out of borosilicate glass. This is a special kind of glass made of silica and boron trioxide. 
This means that borosilicate glass is more durable and heat-resistant than normal glass, which is why it’s used in lab equipment.
3. Delicious and flavorful rips
The purity of the smoke isn’t just from the borosilicate glass we’ve mentioned, it’s also about the added filtration. 
High-quality bongs incorporate percolators for added water filtration, ice catchers, and an overall larger design, so the smoke can cool off before hitting your mouth.
This often translates to thicker, colder clouds, which are better tasting and offer a more complete flavor profile to your tongue. You just can’t get that flavor with non-glass alternatives.
4. Better for measuring your doses
Bongs, on the other hand, offer you a bit more control. All you need is to fill up your bowl and weigh the contents.
 Now you know exactly how much you’re consuming every time you pack your bowl, and all you need to do is to keep track of how many bowls you’ve smoked.
5. Better for effective smoke sessions
When you burn a joint, the trail of smoke it leaves behind is the herb that you’re not consuming. Plus, multiple active ingredients in different herbs can be burnt away by the heat of the smoke before they have the chance to get to your lungs.
Bongs allow you to immediately cool down the smoke to preserve its active ingredients through powerful percolation systems. And, since you can turn the bowl “off” in between hits, you’re not wasting as much herb.