10 Common Marijuana Tools Every Stoner Needs

  Smoking weed isn't rocket science, but many people are still at a loss about how to get started.

  A Piece

  A piece is a generic term that refers to a device that you can smoke out of. Most commonly the word piece is used to mean pipe, and a pipe is certainly a must-own marijuana tool. Weed pipes are extremely simple to use, clean, and are affordable.


  A bit of a no-brainer, but every stoner needs a lighter. Luckily, plenty of people already have a lighter lying around their house. Additionally, it's best to buy more than one lighter, they're easy to lose and break now and then too.

  Nug Jar

  find something that is airtight so that you can reduce exposure to oxygen; an airtight seal will also make your storage container odorless.


  If you ever want to smoke a joint you'll need to get an ashtray. An ashtray offers a convenient flat space for you to store your materials, roll your join, and most importantly ash your joints.

  Rolling Paper

  Along the same lines, rolling paper is great to keep around for whenever you want to smoke a joint. Even if you're not a joint lover, the urge to feel like Snoop Dogg will eventually hit you and you don't want to be empty-handed.


  Grinders are a stoner's most important accessory. While grinders are not essential for being able to smoke, they will make your smoke sessions so much better by providing an even and more slow burn.

  One Hitter

  One-hitters are great smoking devices because they allow you to control exactly how much weed you take in. As the name suggests, one-hitters are typically for small amounts of weed and quick smoke sessions. One-hitters are also the perfect device for smoking in public or in any situation where you need to be discreet.

  Eye Drops

  Eye drops are another accessory that every stoner should have around. As you probably know, consuming cannabis tends to cause bloodshot eyes. This happens because marijuana widens blood vessels and causes an increase in blood flow to your eyes, which creates a red appearance.

  Paperclip or Sharp Object

  When you're smoking a bowl, sometimes your weed will need to be moved around a bit to reveal any unsmoked herb. A paperclip works well for this, but if you don't have one then any similarly sharp and small object will work.

  Cleaning Material

  Finally on the list is cleaning material, which is important for both extending the lifespans of your devices and maintaining your own health. Cleaning your devices is important and it's relatively simple, just look up how to clean whatever specific device you are using.